Palm Marketing Advantage:  A proven hands-on system with quantifiable benchmarks results
in the marketing specialist paying for himself.

Palm Advantage: A system that allows businesses to respond to current market conditions, find
your target market, assess your current marketing efforts and utilize proven solutions tailored to
your needs.

Are you having concerns rationalizing the expenditure of an expert who could perform the duties
of marketing?

Palm Marketing Group was created in September of 2004. With expertise in launching start-up
ventures, their research has proven why specific marketing plans work while others fail.
businesses need marketing campaigns just as much as larger competitors do to stay in the race.
Palm Marketing Group specializes in partnering with small business to assist them in achieving
their goals. Our services are tailored marketing resources with the key objective of offering high
quality, affordable hands-on small business solutions.  Often times small companies may not have
an in house marketing department, placing the responsibility on the company owner.  This
individual must divert their attention from the most important responsibility they perform,
running the company, to head up a marketing campaign. Is this the best use of their valuable time?

Partnering with Palm Marketing Group will result in success in today’s challenging market.  Our
service guides the business owner into new opportunities and resolves your current problems.
Business owners don’t have the time or budget to risk experimenting with countless strategies
before finding one that works.  Adopting a marketing strategy that produces results while
understanding and adapting to the market is at the core of a company’s success.
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